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Application staff

  1. Steam profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/b0hman/
  2. in-game name: b0hman
  3. Age: 14

  4. Hours played in-game: 3d 79h 

  5. Time availability: 16:30 - 21:00 weekdays and 12:00 - 01:00 on weekend if not more-

  6. Reason of interest to join the staff team: I've played  on the server for a while and I feel like I want to help both the staffs and the community.

  7. Previous experiences of being a staff member on DarkRP: I have never been a staff on any server, but I would like to try and see what I for the community.

  8. Knowledge of the use of ULX: I know some commands but Im able to learn quick so I thinks thats not a big problem.

  9. What good could you bring to the staff team (Any other skills, personality traits): Im usually on my computer when im home so im able to be on the server often. 

  10. Anything extra you'd like to tell us: I would say im pretty good at english even tho im 14, so it won't be a problem to communicate with other players. 


Scenario #1

b reports that Tom raided him and stole his printers without adverting /raid, but Tom says he did advert and provides a screenshot as evidence. Bob says that the screenshot is faked. What is your course of action?
If im on the server at the time I can go through the chat to see if he adverted or not. But if I wasn't on the server I would ask other player if the saw a advert from Bob and if I dont get any info from that I would take a closer look at the screenshot and see if it's fake or not.
Scenario #2

Bob reports that Tom has had his building sign up for more than 40 minutes. After questioning, Tom says that it has only been 30 minutes. Upon further examination, you see that Tom has also set up printers and a weed farm in his base. What is your course of action?
I would give Tom a warning for having printers and a weed farm while he has the building sign up because that's not allowed.
Scenario #3

A new user joins the server. He builds a base with a crouch entrance and camps in there as a medic with printers and is only healing himself. After you've acknowledged him, you realize that he's basing with his friend, who has 100 hours on the server. They've been basing for ~1 hour. What is your course of action?
First I would tell them what they have done is against the server rules, but I would have sympathy for the new player and tell him to redo the base. Then I would give the friend a warning because he should know the rules after 100 hours playtime.
Scenario #4

Oops! You've accidentally banned the wrong person. You haven't got access to the unban command. What is your course of action?
I would try to get in touch with someone who has the access to the command as fast as possible.

+1 Nice Application!
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Nice guy until today you had a gang named "No homo" etc. asked why you should change name when i told you. felt you had a aggressive attitude against me when i got you to change name. GL

- support
"There's no talent here, This is hard work. This is an obsession. Talent does not exist, we are all equals as human beings. You could be anyone if you put in the time. You will reach the top, and that's that. I am not talented, I am obsessed." - Conor McGregor

- Support

Rushed app, plus we have something called ''Logs'' and that command show us ALMOST everything.. sign ups, purchases, chat, kills etc.
On question number 2, you answered ONE part only and on that part you were wrong about the printers. People can have printers while having a building sign up. So i suggest you to read the rules better.

Best of luck!


Lacking knowledge of the rules and maturity. Poorly answered scenarios.
I'm happy to hear that you'd be ready to learn, but I can't accept you.
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