1. Don't hack or exploit any bugs/glitches. Joking/threatening the server with scripts, DDOsing or hacking will not be taken lightly.
2. Public texts such as OOC, Adverts and text-screens have to be written in English.
3. The OOC chat is not meant for discussing RP events - OOC - Out Of Character.
4. Don't attempt to avoid your punishment in any way.
5. Do not advertise other servers or sites.
6. Do not disrespect anyone personally, disrespect is only allowed to the extent of role play purposes.
7. Metagaming is not allowed (The use of out-of-game information or resources to affect one's in-game decisions.)
8. Warn a staff member of a rule breaker before taking action yourself, this will only make the situation more difficult to handle.
9. You are not allowed to sell or trade in-game money with other players for real life money.
10. Any obnoxiously profane remarks, inappropriate actions, such as racist slurs and pornographic content is prohibited.
1. RDM is not allowed.
2. NLR is active for 5 minutes (with an exception - refer to rule 5.2).
3. Self-supply is not allowed.
4. All Staff on Duty players are not involved in roleplaying, so do not try to kill them, mug them, place hits on them etc.
5. Minging, not listening to staff, spamming, spamming the stun stick is not allowed.
6. KOS signs are allowed, but you have to have a clear KOS sign, and a border line separating the KOS zone.
7. Any kind of AFK money farms are not allowed.
8. To AFK for more than 20 minutes, switch to Unemployed.
9. Police are allowed to arrest/fine if you have no ID while driving a vehicle (refer to section 7).
10. You must advert mug/raid/raid over/kidnap/carjack/counter raid/steal before doing said actions.


1. Fading doors must have a keypad set up, with at least 4 seconds open time
2. A building sign lasts for 40 minutes.
3. You can have money printers while building.
4. Crouch/crawl entrances are not allowed.
5. FDA is not allowed - use your keypad/button to open fading doors.
6. Fake or hidden keypads, mazes and any kind of unraidable bases are not allowed.
7. One player may not own/co-own more than one building.
8. You are not allowed to make one-way killboxes - this includes making a non see through fences and shooting at people, while they can’t see you.
9. No double fading doors.
10. You can only have 3 fading doors to enter your base.
11. You're not allowed to build in/on inaccessible areas.
12. One base can have a maximum of 8 people.
13. Your base has to have at least one raidable entrance (This means you can block off other entrances).
14. You may only build in a base you own.
1. Prop abusing in any way is not allowed.
2. Prop push is not allowed.
3. Prop block is not allowed (neither can you block cameras).
4. Prop surfing/prop climbing is not allowed.
5. Invisible props are not allowed (cameras included).
6. Props in spawn are not allowed.


1. The maximum amount of people you can raid with is 8.
2. If you got killed during a raid in your base you have to wait for the raider to /advert raid over before going back to your home.
3. Time between each raid - 5 minutes (same person - 15 minutes).
4. Corleone is the only job that can raid the PD.
5. You can't raid with a building sign up.
1. You can only mug players for up to $5000.
2. Time between each mug - 2 minutes (same person - 10 minutes).
3. You are NOT allowed to mug the police.
1. You can't request more than $10.000 for a kidnap release.
2. Time between kidnapping same person - 10 minutes.
3. You can have 2 kidnapped people at a time.
1. Time between each pickpocket - 2 minutes.
2. Time between each steal - 3 minutes.
3. You may not pickpocket AFK players.
4. The maximum amount of carjacked cars you can have in your possession is 2.
5. The maximum amount of money you can ask for a carjacked car is $10.000.
6. Only the Mafia may carjack police cars.


1. Killing a criminal is the second choice to arresting/fining/tazing them.
2. No members of the government are allowed to own illegal paraphernalia.


1. Killing a criminal is the second choice to arresting/fining/tazing them.
2. No members of the government are allowed to own illegal paraphernalia.
1. Having a heavy gun out in public.
2. Using, having illegal weapons.
3. Shooting around randomly with any gun.
4. Lock picking doors, raiding.
5. Having a lock pick or keypad cracker out in public.
6. Not returning to your base during a lock down.
7. Not having an ID while driving a car.
1. You may own and use any kind of weapon for self defence.
2. You may carry a pistol in public.
3. You may sell weapons.
1. Money printers in the bank are fully legal.
2. Breaking server rules, please contact an admin instead!
1. Direct sight of illegal items/actions.
2. Money printer sparks.
3. Process of weed farming.
4. When a criminal hides in his base.
1. Speed limit is 50 by server default.
2. Traffic police may build custom speed limits. Not over 120.
3. Traffic police have same standards as police jobs. (No printers, no drugs etc.)
4. Traffic Police can build on the street for speed checking purposes and speed signs.
5. Driving too fast or reckless driving is a reason for fine.
6. No random stopping/battering ram/fine.
1. You are only permitted to have handguns.
2. The Mayor is not allowed to make the 3 default laws legal.
3. You may not make laws that go against the server rules.
4. You are only allowed to make an RP house.(No killboxes, base-like fading doors etc.)
5. A lock down has to be followed up by a reason in /advert.